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What is the martial art of Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu?

Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu is a combative martial art that is excellent for realistic self defence. Originating in 1860s China and first used by imperial bodyguards working in the Forbidden City, Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu has maintained its self defence effectiveness to the present day.

The martial art of Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu is a combative self defence system “of striking while moving” with precise theoretical and technical qualities. The martial art theory and usage, self defence techniques, and internal development methods all originate from and accord with an ancient Chinese classic of philosophy known as the Book of Changes. Drawn from the symbolism and meaning of the Eight Trigrams in the Book of Changes, Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu has eight distinct systems within the art. Each of these Kung Fu systems, represented by a trigram and particular animal, stands on its own as a complete martial art with unique developmental methods and fighting strategy.

Training in the martial art of Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu increases strength, flexibility and ones self defence capabilities whilst improving reaction time and speed of movement. It can also improve musculoskeletal structure, nervous system and internal organ function. It will improve your fighting ability, make you more resistant to attack, and improve your overall state of mind. In all, Yin Style Ba Gua Kung Fu is beneficial for self-defence, health and athletic performance.

The self defence skills learnt from training in this martial art are superlative. This stems from the fact the Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu originates from a martial body guard system. This self defence oriented martial art aims to strategically dominate the side of the opponent. The fighting angles thus produced enable one to very easily dominate an aggressor and finish to conflict situation. As a self defence method, Yin style Bagua Kung Fu stands alone. It is for this reason that the progenitor of the art, Yin Fu, was chosen to protect the Empress Dowager Cixi.

Yin Fu (1840-1909) was the senior Baguazhang disciple of Dong Haichuan and responsible for the creation of Yin Style Baguazhang Kung Fu. Yin Fu was the earliest disciple of Dong Haichuan and served in the Imperial Security Guards in the palace of Prince Duan of Beijing, China. After Dong Haichuan retired from service, Yin took over as the supervisor of the security guards, working for the emperor in the Forbidden City. Yin Fu served as senior martial art instructor and personal bodyguard of Emperor Guang Xu and Empress Dowager Cixi. The Dowager Cixi is the Great Aunt of Pu Yi, the Last Emperor of China. Yin Fu was considered the most methodical and skilled of Dong Haichuan's students. In 1900, he was responsible for escorting the Empress Dowager out of Beijing when the city was under siege from foreign military.

A brief introduction to Yin Style Bagua?

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